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Hope you all had a fantabulous weekend. Here’s a little something taken from one of my current books. Can you guess who the couple is, and what novella it was taken from? Yes, it the full story will be released J.

Hint: African American couple. Enjoy!




Title: Surprise

Author: Serenity King

Copyright © Serenity King 2010 and 2012


Turning the key in the lock, David opened the door to the sight of a half-naked woman.

Damn!” was the only thing he could think to say. His eyes locked on her curvaceous body as she stood in front of him, posing like a goddess.

“Hello, baby. Were you expecting me?” she asked, in a most seductive voice.

Eyes wide with shock, he gazed at the goddess standing before him. Slowly, his eyes traveled down the expanse of her copper-toned body, past her curved hips, stopping at a pair of incredibly long, well-toned legs in satin, leopard skin, high-heel slip-on sandals. He lingered there for a moment, groaning low in his throat as he imagined those beautiful legs tangled with his or wrapped around his waist. Oh man, he was in trouble.

“Well, aren’t you going to say something?” she smiled seductively, knowing full well she had him where she wanted him.

David swallowed the lump in his throat that seemed to have robbed him of speech. His eyes reversed course and traveled back up her incredible legs to the dark V-shape between her thighs.  The sight of her sex almost stopped him in his tracks. He traveled further up, pausing on her breasts— visible through the lacy gaps in her little, cream-colored, sheer robe—they were the most perfectly rounded breasts he’d ever seen. Perky with extended nipples, her breasts were made for his mouth. Mmmm-mmm!

Needing to be on safer territory, David looked up into Nadia’s face, only to see her self-satisfied smirk. “Ah…what are you doing here?”

“What does it look like?” she purred.  “I’ve come to see if you wanted some dessert before turning in for the night.”

Opening her sheer robe, she let it slide to the floor.  As if the ,sexy, confident pose she struck wasn’t enough, she removed the clip from her hair, allowing her black, waist-length mane to fall freely down her back like a waterfall.

Oh, Damn! Didn’t Nadia realize that standing before him like that was waving a red flag in front of a raging bull? Apparently she didn’t, but the minx was about to find out. “I didn’t think…never mind. You’re serious? We can do this now? It’s not too soon is it? You just had the baby six weeks ago.”

“Doesn’t it look like I’m serious?” she asked as she cupped her breasts and squeezing them together, so her pointed nipples pointed toward him.

Realizing that this was for real, he was out of his clothes in no time flat.  Dropping them in the doorway, he stood tall, proud, in front of her. “Come to me.”

Smiling, Nadia leaped for joy and ran to him. Catching her, he cradled her up in his arms and made his way to their bedroom, where he fell backwards onto the bed with her on top of him.

Hands all over each other, their lips met in a passionate kiss. They were both impatient as it had been so long. H rubbed her arms and back before caressing her from the tips of her breasts to the smooth swell of her hips. Releasing her mouth, he lifted her slightly and gently tugged one of her erect nipples with his lips before suckling it. It was salty and sweet. Listening to her moan, he smiled to himself before switching to the other.

She grabbed at his cock, stroking it from tip to base while trying to guide it inside of her.

“It’s been so long.  I can’t wait, baby!” Flipping over so that she was flat on her back, he settled her legs over his shoulders.  Using his hands to separate her slick folds he tested her readiness. Finding her juicy and ready he entered her in one fell swoop. Nadia cried out in joy and thrust up to meet his strokes. He continued to pump hard and fast until both, impatient for fulfillment, reached orgasm and found release together. Marveling at being one again, their passionate cries mingled and filled the room.

“You can surprise me anytime, baby. I love you, Nadia,” David said.

“I love you too, baby. Let’s do it again?”

“Oh hell, yeah!”


**Serenity King**


Serenity King is a USA Today bestselling author of interracial, multicultural contemporary romance who has been reading romance novels since her auntie placed a Harlequin in her hands at the age of sixteen. She is fiercely devoted to her characters and has a strong passion for Alpha males. Her males are Alpha family-oriented men who Live, Love, and Fight for their women. Serenity lives in the New York area with her husband and children, and she always loves to hear from her readers. Please e-mail her at serenitykinginc@gmail.com or write her at, Serenity King, Inc., P.O. Box 20457, Huntington Station, New York 11746. Serenity King

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