Week 2: Day 12 of our Contest: Guess the Genre

Welcome! Here’s another guess the genre. This one is from a new series The Powell”s. Enjoy!

The Powell’s

Copyright © 2012 by Serenity King


Tracey Powell listened on her headset as her sister spoke to her.

“That’s it Tracey. Yeah, you’re looking good, Sis!” Her sister Samantha, better known as Sam to family and friends, shouted into the headset.

Tracey gave a shout of laughter as she took another lap around the track, her speed accelerating—her hands gripping the wheel tighter as she did so. “She’s feeling sweet under me, Sam! We might have a chance to win the coming race yet. Whoo Hoo!! Team Powell is on the rise”!

“Don’t get too excited, Sis, it’s just a training run. We still have a long way to go. I must say you are looking terrific out there.”

“Damn straight, Sis! This car has some extra kick to it. I love it!” Tracey said with another bark of laughter.

“Yes, well your two arch rivals are looking super too. I hate to say it, but Shane and Daniel both look terrific out there.”

Tracey snorted. “Daniel’s on our team, Sam. As for Shane, I’ll beat the smugness out of him yet.”

“Daniel’s on team Daniel,” her sister snorted into the earpiece. After this lap bring her in.”

“Roger that, Sam,” Tracey said.

Everyone was on the edge during race week leading up to the big race. Tracey and Sam both had been shocked when their father and brother had announced that they’d picked someone other than her to represent the Powell’s this year, Daniel Ashby. Daniel was decent but not better than her. Granted she’d had a run of rotten luck, but that was under the direction of Daniel.

Daniel had been her trainer, or, so she thought. Apparently, he’d just been trying to get on the team, or rather to take her spot on the team. She’d been hurt at first when the announcement had been made…now she didn’t give a damn. She just wanted redemption. Her family wanted to make a name in stock car racing, and they thought Daniel was the man to do it. No-one expected a mere “girl” to win the race.

Tracey needed this win. Charlotte was not her track. No matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t win on this track. This year she’d practiced and practiced and was now feeling more confident under the leadership of her sister.

“Okay, baby, open up for me and show me what you got,” she said to the car. A glance at the tachometer as she picked up speed told her that she was in pretty solid shape so far.

“Yes, come on baby, we have this one.” As soon as the words were out of her mouth she felt a bump that sent her car spinning out of control. She moved into the direction of the spin trying to right the car without jerking it and causing considerable damage to herself and the car just before she fishtailed into the ramp and flipped over.


Serenity King is a USA Today bestselling author of interracial, multicultural contemporary romance who has been reading romance novels since her auntie placed a Harlequin in her hands at the age of sixteen. She is fiercely devoted to her characters and has a strong passion for Alpha males. Her males are Alpha family-oriented men who Live, Love, and Fight for their women. Serenity lives in the New York area with her husband and children, and she always loves to hear from her readers. Please e-mail her at serenitykinginc@gmail.com or write her at, Serenity King, Inc., P.O. Box 20457, Huntington Station, New York 11746. Serenity King

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4 comments on “Week 2: Day 12 of our Contest: Guess the Genre
  1. ec2005hr says:

    Hi Serenity

    I knew Contemporary was in there but you know I am always looking for a drama filled book with lots of thrills(can’t help but wish) I know it will be great keep them coming you really made me think today about it and normally I can read the passage and guess GREAT JOB!!!!! NASCAR are you a fan????? you know I am from South Carolina and have lived all over fo my job and Nascar is such a HUGE part of life here in south….My sister used to work for the Nascar Resturant Chain as a trainer and you know thats all they care about ..


    • serenitykingsblog says:

      You did Great! Yes, I am a fan of NASCAR. Love it! I just started back watching last year. I missed it a lot. Doing a lot of research on it now. I am LOVING IT! I am a HUGE car fanatic, lol. Wow, she used to work for them…that is so cool. I am so excited about this series.

      Thanks for hanging with me, Ernestine! You Rock, Chica!


  2. ec2005hr says:

    O.K. Serenity I am not sure about this ine is it a mix of CONTEMPORARY/DRAMA/THILLER ????? From the passage it seems like a secret attraction,competition on the track and maybe the bedroom, fast cars I don’t know thats my guess.


    • serenitykingsblog says:

      Hi Ernestine,

      It’s contemporary, erotic/NASCAR. It’s a family series that will focus more on AA, but will have a mixture of AA/MC/IR.

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